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Locksmith news

More operational accuracy for keys that determine access based on the current time





The key conditions that permit based on the current time (i.e. "Permit if the customer is visiting before [or after] a certain date and time") are now much more operationally accurate.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 3.15.04 PM.png

Previously, the time logic was based purely on theme Liquid code – and, as such, Shopify's storefront caching would get in the way. For example, if a key permitted access starting at 3pm, a visitor arriving at 2:59pm would be denied access – and then would likely be again denied access at 3:01pm, because Shopify would serve them the cached copy of the storefront that was generated at 2:59pm.

To get around this, Locksmith now automatically runs an install 30 seconds before the configured date and time. This way, the cache is forced to reset, resulting in a fresh rendering of the page, which in turn results in the visitor being correctly granted or denied access.